Exercise EUFOR Quick Response 2023, Closing Ceremony and Medal Parade
Highlights from week 1 of the exercise EUFOR Quick Response 2023
Exercise EUFOR Quick Response 2023 Distinguished Visitors Day & Opening Ceremony
Transfer of Authority Ceremony for the Liaison and Observation Teams Coordination Centre
Military Skills Competition
Screening of a Short Video Reportage in Rajlovac Barracks

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  • The EUFOR annual exercise “Quick Response 2023” will take place between 11-29th September throughout BiH

    The exercise will involve soldiers from 22 EUFOR nations that will temporarily augment the existing EUFOR presence using reserve forces currently on standby in their home countries.

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Four companies, comprising approximately 500 personnel from EUFOR's reserves stationed outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be deployed, as a precautionary measure, in the country over the next two weeks to reinforce existing forces, in order to, more effectively support our BiH partners in maintaining a safe and secure environment.

The deterioration of the security situation internationally has the potential to spread instability to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The deployment of these forces is a precautionary measure to strengthen stability in BiH by positioning sufficient, capable forces in-countryto support the BiH Government efforts to maintain a safe and secure environment. Their mission will be to demonstrate the EU's determination to maintain stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a prudent and proportionate measure which reflects the EU's and EUFOR's unequivocal commitment to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

EUFOR has been deployed in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2004. EUFOR comprises of a total of approximately 3,500 personnel of which 600 are currently deployed in country. The companies that will soon be deployed will bring the total number of EUFOR forces stationed in BiH up to 1,100. These personnel will come from Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia.

EUFOR's assessment is that there is currently no threat to the safe and secure environment that would require EUFOR's support. The situation is being continually monitored and further reinforcements can be brought in if necessary.

EUFOR Reserve Activation 2022

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