MICC is helping EUFOR personnel and our partners stay safe from the Landmine and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) threat in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Our Mine Contamination Maps are showing all known Mine Suspected Hazardous Areas, while Mine Awareness Training (MAT) program, within EUFOR, is assisting our comrades become vigilant about the existing landmine and ERW danger.

The members of EUFOR LOT from all LOT Houses, under our supervision and in cooperation with Armed Forces BiH (AFBiH), are teaching Mine Risk Education (MRE) classes in every corner of BiH. Almost every day EUFOR’s MRE teams are visiting schools, various associations and clubs with the only aim to help decreasing the number of the mine and ERW casualties to the bare minimum.

More than 13,000 BiH citizens, mostly school children, went through MICC MRE Program in 2023.

DO NOT FORGET: Distribution of the mine maps, MAT and MRE activities are helping dissemination of information about the mine and ERW threat as well as safety policies and procedures which are the only way to protect society when demining activities are going slow.

Mine Risk Education in Donje Vodičevo

MRE at the Humanitarian New Year's Bazaar

Mine Casualties in BiH
2023 1 0
2022 1 0
2021 3 0
2020 0 0
2019 2 3
2018 1 3
2017 3 4
2016 6 6
2015 1 0
2014 6 11
2013 3 10

BiH Minefield Maps