Today, COM EUFOR, Major General Anton Wessely met with the Parliamentary Military Commissioner of BiH, Boško Šiljegović.

After five weeks of intensive activity across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Exercise EUFOR Quick Response has concluded. The closing ceremony to officially mark the end of the exercise was held this week in Camp Butmir Two.

This week, EUFOR Operation Commander Lieutenant General Hubert Cottereau visited Exercise EUFOR Quick Response 2022. He had the opportunity to observe ongoing training and exercise activities as well as attend key meetings.

Throughout Exercise EUFOR Quick Response 2022, the EUFOR Aviation Detachment was fortified by pilots, flight engineers, air traffic controllers and ground crew from 3 nations. The Air Forces of Austria, Hungary and Slovenia came together to work, train and contribute to exercise EUFOR Quick Response 2022.

The Hungarian Company of the Multinational Battalion was deployed in Northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Throughout the week they conducted patrols throughout the entire northern region from Orasje on the Sava River, through Tuzla and Derventa all the way to Zavidovici further south.

For exercise EUFOR Quick Response 2022, several nations have contributed additional troops for the duration of the exercise. The Hellenic Armed Forces of Greece and the Albanian Armed Forces are just one such example.

EUFOR Operation Commander Lieutenant General Hubert Cottereau and COM EUFOR Major General Anton Wessely met with the Deputy Minister of Defence of BiH for Resource Management Mirko Okolić and attended the 21st Session of the Strategic Committee for Weapons, Ammunition, and Explosive Ordnance.