Brigadier General Szilárd Gerőfi

was born 13 June 1967 in Veszprém, Hungary. His military carreer started in 1986 when he entered the Military Technical College. In 1997 he graduated (Master Degree) on Technical University of Budapest. His Senior Leadership Training he finished on Faculty of Military and Defence Education from 2014-2015 with outstanding qualification.

From 1989-1993 he was Commander of Signal Platoon (Lieutenant) later on Signal Company (1st Lieutenant) in 1997 he became Senior Signal officer (1st Lieutenant, Captain) in General Staff of Hungarian Airforce. From 2001-2004 (Lt Colonel) he was Requirements section Chief in Naples, Italy and as part of that was secretary of the Southern Region CAOC CIS WG.

Back to Hungary in 2004 as a IT Branch Chief and from 2006 as a CIS OPS Branch Chief. Until 2009 he was a part of SC5 NATO Tactical Data Link WG as a Head of Hungarian Delegation and Hungarian representative in Air Command and Control Systems (ACCS) Communications Working Group (ACWG).

He was in his first mission in EUFOR in 2010 as a Communications and Information Systems (CIS) Chief in HQ Sarajevo. In 2013 he was promoted to Colonel and served in Budapest (Hungary) in CIS and Information Assurance (IA) Directorate as IT Branch Chief and from 2017 as a Head of Directorate. From 2012 he was in NC3 Board as Hungarian representative and from 2017 Hungarian principal participated in NATO work.

In 2019 he was promoted in Brigadier General and served in Hungarian Defence Forces Command, Infocommunications and Information Security Directorate in Budapest and Székesfehérvár, as a Head of Directorate. Same year he finished NATO related Generals, Flag Officers and Ambassadors’ Course in Rome (Italy). Between the others decorations he is rewarded with Service Symbol for KFOR, NATO Service Medal and Service Sign Gold Grade with Laurel wreath.

Brigadier General Gerőfi speaks English and French. He is married and have two children.