Last week, EUFOR conducted its largest series of tests to date, covering in excess of 500 people. Final results of the latest series were double checked and have shown that only one EUFOR member in theatre has tested positive. He is currently being treated with mild symptoms University Clinical Centre Sarajevo. Personnel who have been in close contact with the individual have been identified and are now in quarantine, until they receive clearance from medical personnel.

All tests conducted at deployed elements throughout BiH were negative. Testing was extended last week to our deployed elements throughout BiH, to ensure their health and safety and that of the local communities which they serve and live amongst.

EUFOR continues to employ a range of preventative measures to mitigate against the risk of COVID-19. Since the beginning, around 770 individuals have been tested at EUFOR. The strict measures employed remain under constant review and will be updated in accordance with the evolving situation.

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