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On Wednesday 31st March, EUFOR in BiH are launching the virtual Mine Risk Education (MRE) campaign that was produced in close cooperation with BiH Mine Action Center (BH MAC) and Armed Forces BiH (AFBiH). This virtual Mine Risk Education campaign is being launched to coincide with International Mine Awareness Day on 04 April and ahead of the start of Demining season in BiH.

The European Union is one of the largest donor in support to Mine Action in BiH with approx.€46 million invested up to now. Besides mine clearance the EU support the returnees and landmine victims in BiH, improving the safety of citizens. The EU also funded the creation of Mine Cation centre information System Platform that is able to provide accurate, transparent and reliable mine action data.

Routinely EUFOR’s Liaison Observation Teams (LOT) are teaching MRE classes in every corner of BiH. Normally EUFOR’s LOT MRE teams would be visiting schools, various associations and clubs with the only aim to help decreasing the number of Mine- and Explosive Remnants of War casualties to the bare minimum. However, the restrictions due to the COVID-19-pandemic limited the possibilities of LOT Teams to give MRE in schools.

EUFOR worked in close cooperation with our partners, BH MAC and the AFBIH to provide EUFOR and its Liaison Observation Teams with a Virtual Educational Tutorial Video. The video delivers Mine Risk Education to children, young adults and families in the safety of their homes, at a time when contact with the public is limited. It educates people on what mines are, the dangers of them and how to react if you encounter mines. This virtual Mine Risk Education campaign enables EUFOR to continue to assist building towards a BiH that is Land Mine Free.

EUFOR Virtual Mine Education can be found at There is also a mini quiz with prizes to be won.

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