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Wednesday 15th May 2024 marked the occasion of the Handover Takeover ceremony for EUFOR Chief of Staff appointment from Brigadier General Ovidiu Lungu of the Romanian Armed Forces to Brigadier General Herbert Roman Sailer of the Austrian Armed Forces.

The ceremony was attended by Defence State Secretary of Romania H.E. Simona Cojocaru, Chief of Staff Operation Headquarters Althea Johannes Lachner, Office Manger of the Chief of Staff Operation Commander Operation Althea, Director of Staff EU Command Element, Commanders of the Operational and Support Commands of the AF BiH, Ambassadors of Austria, Romania and Poland, Deputy Chief of Defence of the Romanian Armed Forces, Commander of the Austrian Land Forces and the Commander of NATO HQ Sa.

Brigadier General Lungu was appointed as COS EUFOR in May 2023 and since then has consistently worked to ensure unity of effort across all EUFOR HQ Branches and Units. During the ceremony, Brigadier General Lungu was presented with the EUFOR Operational Althea Common Security and Defence Policy Medal. He was also presented with the Polish Armed Forces ‘Golden Medal’ for actively supporting peacekeeping activities of the Polish Armed Forces in an international area and the Emblem of Merit in Service of the Romanian Army second class as a token of appreciation of his commitment, professionalism and responsibility in fulfilling his duties.

While addressing the parade, outgoing COS EUFOR Brigadier General Lungu thanked a number of key people who provided him with support and comradeship throughout his time as COS EUFOR. He also wished incoming COS EUFOR Brigadier General Sailer future success in his new role. He concluded by stating:

‘Today the European Union Force is better, more focused, and readier than ever to continue implementing its role, mandate, and mission.’

Chief of Staff EUFOR Handover Takeover Ceremony

During the ceremony, an exchange of EUFOR badges took place, symbolising the handover of authority. Incoming COS EUFOR Brigadier General Sailer addressed the parade and thanked COM EUFOR, DCOM EUFOR and the outgoing COS EUFOR for their friendly welcome and support.

COM EUFOR Major General László Sticz also made an address and highlighted that the Chief of Staff has to bring together a diverse set of people and cultures and create a synergy within the staff of HQ EUFOR. He welcomed Brigadier General Sailer to the mission and expressed his gratitude to Brigadier General Lungu for his commitment to EUFOR and for the support he has given to COM EUFOR. Major General Sticz stated Brigadier General Lungu

‘Now hands over to Brigadier General Sailer a Headquarters with sufficient flexibility, procedures and ability to respond to any type of tasking under time pressure and other challenging circumstances’.

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