Common “aviation network communication” strengthens the partnership between EUFOR and AF BiH
On 11th January 2024, Commander EUFOR Major General Helmut Habermayer and Minister of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zukan Helez signed a Letter of Intent to use one common aviation communication network outside controlled airspace for EUFOR and Armed Foces BiH aircraft flying in the same area.

EU invests € 363,000 to increase flight safety in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The EU is investing 363,000 euros to overlay the existing civilian network with a military one to create redundancy. Benefits will include: easier and simplified collaboration between EUFOR and AF BiH, unhindered access to resources for both parties. The common aviation communication network will ensure a higher level of flight safety.

COM EUFOR in his address stated that

“This is another example that shows how excellent and valuable the collaboration between EUFOR and the Ministry of Defense is. Together, we are uniting our strengths for safety and security with an investment fostering cohesion and strategic cooperation”.

In detail, the agreement allows EUFOR the use of three radio towers owned and maintained by the Ministry of Defence of BiH. On the other hand EUFOR will provide two connections and two controller work terminals to the network for Air Force of Armed Forces BiH. The next step is to develop an agreement to regulate the mutual relations for the implementation of the technical cooperation.

EU invests € 363,000 to increase flight safety in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Apart from the main mission of EUFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is supporting the BiH Authorities in ensuring a safe and secure environment, its members are often able to provide assistance in saving human lives when needed. In case of a request for support from the Ministry of Security of BiH to participate in a rescue mission, EUFOR has the ability to assist with a helicopter for medical evacuation.