On 2nd November 23, COM EUFOR Maj. Gen. Habermayer met with the Brčko District Police Director Goran Pisić, Deputy Director Senad Jašarević and Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) Director Valerie Warmington.


The Brcko District Police Small Arms Light Weapons (SALW) Control Project, was implemented by NPA and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the auspices of EUFOR's Ammunition, Weapons and Explosives (AWE) Master Plan. The SALW control project is based around the security, marking and registration of weapons. This has far reaching consequences with the ultimate goal of providing security and stability in the region through effective arms control and governance.

COM EUFOR in his address stated that “Together, we shall create an environment where our citizens can thrive, where the rule of law prevails, and where safety and security are not privileges but inherent rights” and congratulated all of organizations and individuals who co-operated to make the project such a success.

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