The first Armed Forces of BiH (AF BiH) and EUFOR CIS Conference, which took place in Camp Butmir on 28 Jan 2014, was a success for both AF BiH and EUFOR. The conference was organized by EUFOR Capacity Building and Training Division (CBTD) and chaired by the Training Chief, Lt Col Johan Bouhuys. This conference was a milestone for the last year of CBT and was attended by AF BiH representatives from different BiH entities including Joint Staff, Operational Command, Support Command, Tactical Support Brigade, 4/5/6 Infantry Brigade, Signal Battalion, Air Force and Air Defense and TRADOC.

EUFOR CIS Conference

In his opening speech, Colonel Ahmet Gonel (DCOS CBTD), emphasized that the aim of the conference was to:
Identify shortfalls and lessons to be learned from CIS training conducted/mentored in 2013. Find remedial actions for improvement in 2014. Provide a platform for AF BiH and EUFOR to share experiences and issues which need to be solved. Briefings were then given by both AF BiH and EUFOR and as a result of this first CIS Conference, both parties agreed on some actions that need to be taken in order to provide more efficiency and effectiveness to the training and mentoring sessions. It was also agreed that EUFOR’s CIS training should continue and should be based more on hands-on practices and experiences. Additionally, both parties expressed their wish to organize these conferences on an annual basis to further strengthen the co-operation between AF BiH and EUFOR.
At the end of the conference, AF BIH participants expressed their appreciation to EUFOR for its support to AF BiH in achieving a robust and self-sustaining training structure and in his closing speech, the chairman emphasized the importance of regular interaction between AF BiH and EUFOR and expressed his appreciation for the contributions of the AF BiH participants to this, the first conference.