On 3 February 2014, a Bilateral Support Cooperation Forum was held in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo for stakeholders involved with building the capacity of the Armed Forces of BiH (AF BiH). The purpose of the forum was for these stakeholders to share best practice, to increase cooperation and communication with each other and to support each other in their capacity building activities for AF BiH. The forum was initiated by the Defence Attachés (DAs) of nations supporting AF BiH and was hosted by EUFOR. Attendees included Defence Attachés (DAs) from supporting nations, personnel from EUFOR and NATO HQ Sarajevo (NHQ Sa) and members of AF BiH.

Bilateral Support Cooperation Forum

The Commander of EUFOR, Major General Dieter Heidecker, said:
“When we interact with each other in these ways, we bring a new dynamic to the process, and we help each other to achieve greater things. The support provided enables the AF BiH to envisage ways and means of making progress and of achieving more with fewer resources. A key example of this support may be seen in the recent selection of officer cadet candidates to undergo a 44 week training course which commences this morning.”

The aim of the forum was to raise awareness between stakeholders involved with capacity building activities, to minimize duplication of effort and improve the efficiency of working practices for all. This will make best use of the limited budgets of Defence Attachés and Embassies, the wider International Community, NHQ Sa, EUFOR and AF BiH; and it will allow EUFOR’s Capacity Building and Training Division to channel their efforts and resources in the most productive and efficient way.