A Series of combined trainings started mid of February

During the period from 17 to 21 of February one platoon from the Multinational Battalion/EUFOR and one platoon from the 6th Infantry Brigade/AFBiH took part in the combined training in Kozara/Manjaca. This training was the first training in a series of 9 planned for 2014. The main topic was Force Protection, in detail security on the main gate, action in attacking on main gate with sniper fire, procedures and rules of communication, procedures for requesting assistance and reinforcement to the main gate and procedures and rules of communication.

EUFOR Soldier from Turkey and a Soldier from the Armed Forces of BiH

Contribution to peace support operations

Combined Training with the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina provides a significant collective training benefit and improves the capability of the AF BiH to contribute to peace support operations in overseas missions as part of Euro-Atlantic alliances. It also offers the soldiers from different ethnic backgrounds to effectively work together in close teams and to integrate with other modern Armed Forces. Soldiers from the AF BiH are approaching the level of professionalism required for successful Euro-Atlantic integration and this is already being shown by their active contribution to international peace and security in overseas missions.

Training in the field – how to move under possible fire

Combined Training

The ultimate aim of EUFOR’s training assistance to the AF BiH is to assist in achieving a robust and self-sustainable training structure, with appropriate staffing mechanism, to allow the AF BiH to provide capability-orientated and trained personnel in line with international standards, able to participate in Peace Support Operations (PSO).