Building the capacity of the transport structure in the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BiH) to meet the current requirements and interoperability with the Armed Forces of other countries is one of the tasks of EUFOR.
Movement Control Specialists from EUFOR’s JMA and the Polish Mobile Mentoring Team (MMT) organized a course for AF BiH transportation personnel in the AF BiH Movement Coordination Centre in Doboj. The aim of this course is to train AF BiH transportation personnel in the field of NATO military transport procedures and the group consisted of eight officers and one NCO from different AF BiH units.


The course opened on 27 January 2014, and will run until 5 March 2014. Attendees at the course opening ceremony included EUFOR’s Chief of Training, Lieutenant Colonel Johan Bouhuys, EUFOR’s Movement Control Specialist, Captain Angel Stefanov, and AF BiH DCOS Logistic Command, Colonel Marijan Pejic.
The course covers transport and movement, and training to ensure that instructional procedures which are in line with NATO standards and practices, and is conducted by certified personnel of the Movement Coordination Centre (MCC) and the Polish MMT.

The role of the Polish MMT is to:

  • Monitor, advise and mentor instructors before and during the training, including with the preparation of lectures, presentations and other necessary equipment to improve training and with instructional techniques to be able to hold the attention of trainees.
  • Defining the role of instructors.

The key objectives for the start of these courses are:

  • Implementation of NATO standards regarding movement control in the framework of participation in Peace Support Operations.
  • Improve knowledge in management, control and maintenance of AF BiH’s transport capacities.
  • Training in NATO Movement and Transportation procedures at the tactical and strategic level.