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On 25 February 2020, the change of command of EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion (MNBN) was marked with a military ceremony and parade at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo. COMEUFOR, Major General Reinhard Trischak, handed the colours of the MNBN from Lieutenant Colonel Manfred Leitner to Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Steingresz to signify the Change of Command.

Major General Trischak presided over the ceremony and began by thanking the outgoing Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Leitner.

“Your leadership along with your genuine personal commitment to the culture, values and spirit of EUFOR ensured that the ‘One mission, one team’ concept prevailed throughout your tenure and prevails today,” he said. “Your commitment and that of MNBN to getting things done and getting things right exemplifies what we are about.

Turning to the new Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Steingresz, COMEUFOR said:

“I am delighted to have you here and I look forward to the pleasure of soldiering together with you.” He also described the Multinational Battalion as: “…a united, cohesive and very capable military unit.”

Addressing the parade, Major General Trischak said: “EUFOR’s presence, your presence, enhances the feeling of security among the local population…We need to assure and reassure the citizens of BiH that we care about their security. Your presence here proves your commitment and that of your home nations to a Safe and Secure Environment here in BiH.” He continued: “As COMEUFOR, I am proud of your reputation and that of EUFOR.”

“The takeover of the command over the MNBN is without doubt a highlight of my military career so far,” said Lieutenant Colonel Steingresz. “It fills me with pride that I have the honour to serve in this position within the mission EUFOR/ALTHEA.”

Lieutenant Colonel Leitner thanked Major General Trischak and remarked that the highlight of his tenure was: “The successful exercise Quick Response 19, where six companies from six different nations were under the command of the Multinational Battalion… across the country, in close co-operation with local authorities, law enforcement agencies and the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Change of command for EUFOR’S Multinational Battalion

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