Four companies, comprising approximately 500 personnel from EUFOR's reserves stationed outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be deployed, as a precautionary measure, in the country over the next two weeks to reinforce existing forces, in order to, more effectively support our BiH partners in maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Today a conference on Cluster Munitions was held at EUFOR Headquarter in Camp BUTMIR in order to meet the goal of a Cluster Munitions free BiH by the end of this year.

Camp Butmir 2 provided the backdrop for an exercise by the Multinational Battalion (MNBN). Each Company that arrives new into the Area of Operations (AO) must undergo standardisation training IOT ensure that they are capable of operating in commonality with the other units of the MNBN.

Arms and ammunition control is one of the main roles of EUFOR in BiH.

After receiving a request from the "Operations and Communication Center for BiH’ EUFOR successfully conducted a medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) rescuing a seriously ill man who needed an urgent transfer by helicopter from Bihać to Sarajevo.

The Turkish Company of the EUFOR Multi National Battalion completed capacity training last week to reach Full Operational Capability.

The main operational unit of EUFOR is the Multinational Battalion (MNBN), an infantry unit comprised of Companies from Austria, Hungary and Turkey. This unit is dedicated to the framework operations of EUFOR that are patrolling, combined training with the AFBiH and Force Protection of EUFOR.