Historic moment for Armed Forces Bosnia and Herzegovina and EUFOR with the signing of a Collective Training Plan for 2019
A Training and Co-Operation Plan between EUFOR and the Armed Forces Bosnia and Herzegovina was signed on Wednesday 19th December at Joint Staff, Sarajevo.

The Hungarian Minister of Defence, Dr Tibor BENKŐ, visited EUFOR HQ, at Camp Butmir, on 6th December 2018.
COMEUFOR, Major General (Maj Gen) Martin DORFER, welcomed Dr BENKŐ to Camp Butmir, where he inspected the Honour Guard and met senior EUFOR HQ staff.

Clear skies welcomed Peter Gajdoš, Minister of Defence for the Slovak Republic, on Wednesday 6th December, during his visit to EUFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On Monday 3rd December 2018, the Chief of the Joint Staff for Armed Forces Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH), Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Senad Masovic, visited Camp Butmir to meet COMEUFOR and senior staff.

On Friday 5th October, during the 'Justice for David' rally in Banja Luka, SRNA (Srpska Republika Press Agency) published an article on their webpage which was taken up by other news outlets. The article stated:
"EUFOR drone is currently above the Krajina Square in Banja Luka where the rally of 'Justice for David' group is about to start. According to EUFOR's estimates, there are now approx. 7,000 supporters of the group 'Justice for David.'"

A bright and sunny winter's day was the setting for a flag raising ceremony held at Camp Butmir on Wednesday 14th November.
The occasion was the return of France as a troop contributing nation to EUFOR after a gap of three years.

Today saw the end of the ‘Live’ phase of Exercise Quick Response 2018. The finale was held at Camp Butmir where COMEUFOR, Major General Martin Dorfer presided over a dynamic scenario and demonstration within the grounds of the camp.

On Monday 15th October in perfect conditions, the Mountain Rescue Team from Novi Grad, Sarajevo arrived at Camp Butmir to practice their skills and enhance their cooperation with EUFOR by taking part in a combined training day with the EUFOR Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter. They were joined by colleagues from the IIidža rescue team, Civilian Protection Agency of municipality Novi Grad, and the Federation BiH Civilian Protection Agency.

'Quick Response 2018' will practice EUFOR's capability to call in reserve forces to reinforce and maintain a safe and secure environment in support of local authorities, law enforcement agencies and the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.