NATO and EUFOR are responsible employers. According to the information at our disposal, the individuals that are gathering in front of Camp Butmir today are former employees of Troop Contributing Nations. It is important to state that every one of these claimants is given due process, and they are not protesting dissatisfaction with the results of the hearings; they’re asking that their cases be expedited.

The individuals are gathering in front of Camp Butmir

EUFOR and NATO opened a claims commission process to recognize these types of labor claims. The commission consists of trained legal professionals. There are approximately 140 hearings currently scheduled. The functions of the hearing process are to provide claimants an opportunity to be heard, take evidence, and render a fair and accurate decision.
If the claimants need wish to appeal decisions by the claims commission, they may appeal to the arbitration tribunal, which is guided by internationally recognized rules of arbitration.
Every effort is made to resolve the claims by the commission, and each claimant will be provided fundamental fairness in the proceedings, which takes its time.

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