THE Commander of EUFOR, Major General (MG) Dieter Heidecker, received a warm welcome from His Excellency Ambassador Gilles during a courtesy visit to exchange policy briefs at the French Embassy in Sarajevo (07 January 2013).

Ambassador Gilles stressed France continues to support the EUFOR mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and is one of the most important financial contributors. The Ambassador and COM EUFOR paid tribute to the significant commitment of French military personnel both on ground between 1992 and 1995 and as part of international stabilization forces following the end of the war.
The Ambassador explained the main emphasis of French policy is to support the sovereignty of BiH and to assist the European Union’s efforts to help BiH develop a mature economy - including infrastructure development and trade arrangements - and to assist BiH in the building of its own enduring and effective security arrangements.
Briefing on current EUFOR policy priorities, MG Heidecker highlighted EUFOR’s endeavours to provide Capacity Building and Training for the Armed Forces of BiH. Asked by Ambassador Gilles on the aim of EUFOR’s commitment in the area of stocks of ageing surplus ammunition and weapons, MG Heidecker explained his view of an increasingly pressing need to reduce the excessive stocks and surpluses currently being stored and guarded in various sites throughout BiH.

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