The Commander of EUFOR, Major General (MG) Dieter HEIDECKER, attended a meeting with His Excellency (HE) Mr Miroslav MOJŽITA, the Slovakian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in Sarajevo on Monday 10 December 12.

His Excellency the Ambassador confirmed that Slovakia remains committed to its participation in EUFOR by providing a long-standing contribution of 45 troops deployed in key roles both within Camp Butmir and in a variety of Liaison Observation Team (LOT) Houses located across BiH.  The work currently undertaken by locally deployed Slovakian troops, he further explained, is no longer standard military tasking, as the focus is now placed on capacity building activities for the Armed Forces of BiH and engaging positively with local communities through embedded EUFOR liaison teams.
Recognising that the pace of domestic reform may have slowed in recent years, both parties agreed the responsibility for making a positive difference to the future effectiveness of BiH decision-making institutions must rest primarily with locally elected officials and policy makers.
The meeting concluded that international forces deployed in BiH remain a necessary, effective and a positive force for good in helping BiH achieve its long term goals and the conditions required for eventual Euro-Atlantic Integration.

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