The newly appointed Commander of EUFOR, Major General (MG) Dieter Heidecker, attended his first official meeting with the Minister of Defence, Mr. Zekerijah Osmic, this morning (Friday 7 December 12).  Lieutenant General (LTG) Milojcic, the Chief of Joint Staff, Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BIH) was also in attendance.  

MG Heidecker emphasized that the professional assistance provided by EUFOR in training AF of BiH would continue and that this on-going programme of Capacity Building and Training for AF of BiH remains an essential element for BiH’s path to successful Euro-Atlantic integration.
MG Heidecker also took time to highlight the professional and positive contribution currently being made by AF of BiH to the ISAF international mission in Afghanistan.
A key priority for EUFOR ALTHEA, agreed during the meeting, will be the maintaining of co-operation with the Ministry of Defence of BiH and, in particular, working closely together in the common goal of achieving disposal of surplus ammunition in BiH.  
Minister Osmic and LTG Milojcic expressed their appreciation for MG Heidecker’s statement of support and stressed their willingness to continue to build upon the positive relationship and levels of mutual co-operation currently enjoyed between EUFOR and AF of BiH.

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