After having been briefed about the current situation in their area of responsibility by the members of LOT Travnik, the guests were invited to take a small tour around Travnik, a town in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, 90 km west of Sarajevo, which is famous for having a rich cultural heritage. The tour also included a short walk to Travnik Castle, also known as fortress Kaštel, in the old town sector. The members of LOT Zenica also provided an outstanding briefing regarding their day-to-day work and then gladly took advantage of the possibility to exchange their views with COM EUFOR in a relaxed atmosphere. Zenica is the fourth-largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located about 70 km north of Sarajevo, situated on the Bosna River and surrounded by a mountainous and hilly landscape. The town's old quarter also contains several attractions, including a former synagogue, dating from 1906, the town mosque, an Austrian fountain and an old bey's farm house, just to mention a few.