A medal ceremony took place yesterday at EUFOR Headquarters, Camp Butmir, with Commander EUFOR awarding Operation ALTHEA medals to over 100 personnel from numerous nations.

The Swiss Head of Armed Forces Joint Staff, Major General Jean-Marc Halter, today visited EUFOR and met with Commander EUFOR, Major General Dieter Heidecker.
Major General Halter is responsible for the planning, conduct and evaluation of joint operations and missions of the Swiss Armed Forces in Switzerland and abroad.  He plans and controls the readiness of the Armed Forces, and is directly accountable to the Chief of the Armed Forces.

A farewell parade was held today to thank EUFOR’s three Reserve Companies for their participation in JOINT EFFORT, the name given to the flood-related disaster relief work conducted with Armed Forces BiH.
Slovenia, Austria and the United Kingdom each contributed approximately 120 troops, who were originally deployed to BiH to take part in Exercise Quick Response 14. However due to the devastating flooding, the main effort of both EUFOR and Armed Forces BiH changed to conducting flood-related disaster relief.

Commander EUFOR today attended a ceremony at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo, to mark the transfer of authority from one NATO HQ Sarajevo Commander to another. Brigadier General Merle D. Hart transferred authority to Brigadier General Christopher J. Petty. Commander EUFOR, Major General Dieter Heidecker, presented Brigadier General Hart with a gift to show his appreciation.

EUFOR Reserve Companies were paid a visit yesterday (17th June) by Commander EUFOR, Major General Heidecker, in the Tuzla area. JOINT EFFORT, the name given to the flood-related disaster relief work, continues with the Austrian Reserve Company reconstructing roads, and the Slovenian and UK Reserve Companies are removing flood debris and waste material in Kopanice.

Members of Armed Forces BiH have recently completed an advanced ammunition course delivered by EUFOR personnel at the ammunition storage site in Gabela. The course took place for two weeks and covered topics such as how to visually inspect ammunition, and how to analyse the chemical content of ammunition to keep ammunition sites safe.

EUFOR military and civilian members from nine countries have shown their commitment to helping the population of BiH by donating blood in Camp Butmir in support of World Blood Donor Day. EUFOR was initially approached by Professor Maida Šalaga-Baždar, head of blood donation promotion.  She emphasized the importance of providing blood for use in the General Hospital and Clinical Centre of Sarajevo University, as well as other transfusion centres in BiH.