On the afternoon of 21 February EUFOR received a request from Mountain Rescue Novi Grad for assistance in their response to a mountain accident. A local civilian had fallen approximately 100m from the peak of Vito in the Bjelašnica mountain range. The civilian had sustained injuries to his head and lower limbs. Commander EUFOR, Major General Alexander Platzer authorised the deployment of the EUFOR Search and Rescue Alouette Helicopter

This morning marks the commencement of a two day visit by a delegation of Polish Armed Forces military leadership to Bosnia and Herzegovina. This delegation is led by General Rajmund Andrzejczak, Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, and he is accompanied by Lieutenant General Tomasz Piotrowski, Polish Armed Forces Operational Commander and members of their staff.

This week, EUFOR personnel from Liaison Observation Teams (LOT) Doboj donated school supplies to children in Primary schools in Dragalovci and Stanic Rijeka. The teachers thanked the EUFOR personnel for their consideration and for the school supplies on behalf of the parents and children of the schools.

Today COMEUFOR, Major General Alexander Platzer, met with the Directorate for the Coordination of Police Bodies of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here he was met by Director of the Directorate Mirsad Vilić and his Deputies Ranko Vuković and Ivica Bošnjak.

On 5 February 2021 EUFOR Camp Butmir was proud to hold an International Medal Parade for 105 Service personnel from 11 different Nations. The soldiers, sailors and airmen based at Camp Butmir and serving throughout BiH were addressed at the formal ceremony by the Commander of EUFOR, Major General Alexander Platzer. He thanked all attending for their effort and dedication and the service they have provided in supporting local authorities to deliver a safe and secure environment.

EUFOR personnel in the Multinational Battalion are drawn from the armed forces of Austria, Hungary and Turkey. They continually train for a wide range of scenarios and maintain their high level of performance in a wide array of situations. The EUFOR Multinational Battalion recently completed a successful exercise confirming their ability to conduct medical evacuations of personnel via helicopter in a number of complex scenarios.

Today, 5 February 2021, COMEUFOR Major General Alexander Platzer continued his introductory visits in Bosnia and Herzegovina. COMEUFOR and US Ambassador Mr Eric Nelson met at the ambassador’s residence for an introductory meeting in which a positive conversation was had.