This week, the Slovakian contingent of EUFOR teamed up with the Red Cross to donate blood to support hospitals in the area.

EUFOR Soldiers Donate Blood to Sarajevo

6 Soldiers from LOT Novo Sarajevo and 2 soldiers from the EUFOR HQ in Camp Butmir donated the blood during the “Yours is only what you give to others” event organized by the Red Cross.

Rezama Music, the director of the Red Cross NOVI GRAD, thanked the Slovak soldiers for their immediate reaction to the lack of blood in hospitals. She highlighted their willingness to donate blood even in this difficult during the COVID 19 pandemic when blood supplies are more valued than ever.

Major Radovan ŠtefanĨin, of the LOT Coordination Centre, stated

“We are very proud to support the both the Red Cross and Bosnia and Herzegovina in any way we can to repay the support we have been given by the population over the years”

EUFOR Soldiers Donate Blood to Sarajevo