Today in Čajniče, the Slovakian contingent to EUFOR based at LOT Foča donated parcels to the local kindergarten. The Slovakian Soldiers donated toys, books, blankets and drawing stationary to the children. In these confusing times for children so young it was a welcome surprise.


The donation was made to the Kindergarten Director, Mr. Vukašin Katana, in the presence of the Mayor of Čajniče, Mr. Goran Karadžić. The children, aged 1-6 years old, wasted no time in getting into the contents of the parcels!

The Officer in Command of LOT Foča Capt. Vladimir Satka stated,

“It gives us great pleasure in the Slovakian Army to be here today to present these gifts to the children of Čajniče. Firstly, in appreciation of the cooperation given by the people of Čajniče, but also because those stationed at LOT Foča are mothers and fathers too and enjoy seeing children smile”

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