On the 29th of September Slovakian personnel of a LOT (Liason and Observation Team) in Foca visited ‘Sveti Sava’ primary school to deliver MRE (Mine Risk Education) lessons to 62 of the children there. MRE teaches children about the dangers of mines, explaining likely mine locations and what to do if they come accross them. EUFOR has a number of civillian MRE instructors who work with LOT houses to provide this training.

LOT House Foca educates children on Mines

Positive environment

Captain Andrej Kukla said at the event,
‘The children had lots of questions, and the training was held in a really positive environment. MRE is a really important topic, and it is rewarding to be part of the effort to make children aware of it’ After the presentations the Foca LOT House team gave the children presents and donated some school

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