Exercise EUFOR Quick Response 2023 transitioned to the deployment phase of the exercise. Communication Information Systems company deployed to Mount Trebević and established a VHF antenna to ensure coverage of exercise sectors.

EUFOR practiced the immediate deployment of reserve forces and their integration into the Multinational Battalion operations by deploying three maneuver elements to their respective areas of responsibility, the Hungarian company to Tuzla, the Bulgarian company to Bihać, and the Turkish company to Čapljina.

The Romanian Coy was deployed as a QRF to support maneuver elements deployed all throughout BiH. Their primary task was to quickly respond to any serious incident and support the other companies in the fulfillment of their mission.

The companies conducted reconnaissance patrols, ground familiarization and routine framework patrols to prepare for follow on missions. The week culminated with a visit from COM EUFOR where he observed the companies responding to scenarios that involved securing of ammunition & weapons storage sites and the evacuation of LOT house personnel from hostile situations.

EUFOR and BiH stronger together.