The Turkish company of the EUFOR Multinational Battalion conducted a training exercise in the area of Mostar from 20-25 March. Under the command of Company Commander Captain D., the Turkish company and a subordinate infantry platoon from Republic of North Macedonia trained the evacuation of a LOT house.


EUFOR is at the heart of international military engagement in BiH, providing a stable security framework for the benefit of all BiH’s citizens.

The task of the Turkish soldiers was to carry out the evacuation of people at risk, while the infantry platoon from Republic of North Macedonia had to mitigate against hostile activities towards the evacuation forces. Such drills are part of the permanent training for all EUFOR Multinational Battalion soldiers.

EUFOR’s multinational make up offers troop contributing nations the chance to further understand the Balkans region, whilst progressing BiH towards a better future and ensuring regional security.

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