On 3rd of March 2023 Maj Gen Habermayer paid a visit to the 4th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in Čapljina Barracks. Colonel Zdravko Rezo, the Commander of the 4th Brigade welcomed COM EUFOR and updated him on the current status and challenges within the brigade.

COM EUFOR inspected LOT Houses

After this meeting Commander COM EUFOR inspected the German Liaison and Observation Team (LOT) in Čapljina and the Swiss LOT in Mostar. On 4th of March Maj Gen Habermayer continued his troop inspection in Jablanica where he met with the members of the Turkish LOT.

There are currently 19 LOTs deployed throughout BiH and they make a significant contribution to the fulfillment of EUFOR Althea's mission. They gain valuable insights through constant contact with the local population.

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