Throughout Exercise EUFOR Quick Response 2022, the EUFOR Aviation Detachment was fortified by pilots, flight engineers, air traffic controllers and ground crew from 3 nations. The Air Forces of Austria, Hungary and Slovenia came together to work, train and contribute to exercise EUFOR Quick Response 2022.

Four different aircraft were deployed throughout the exercise, the Hungarian Air Force Airbus H145M, the Austrian Airforce Blackhawk and Augusta Bell 212 and the Slovenian Augusta Bell 412.

Throughout the exercise, the 3 nations worked together, primarily exercising their casualty evacuation capabilities and providing tactical troop support.

The aviation detachment remained at all times capable of carrying out real life emergency response capacity. Ordinarily it is the Austrian contingent that holds this responsibility. An Austrian crew are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ready and capable to respond to a range of emergency situations.

EUFOR aircraft can operate in day or night. They can land on challenging terrain and when there is no possibility to land, they have winch capacity.

Air crews and medical teams work together to be able to provide fast and effective emergency response. Exercise EUFOR Quick Response 2022 also allowed medical teams to train and refine their skills.

By working and training together throughout the exercise, these teams of highly skilled and experienced aviators and medics were able to improve interoperability and learn key lessons from each other.