On March 16th under the coordination of SAWAD EUFOR an Ammunition and Small Arms and Light Weapon (SALW) Labelling, Marking and Registration Admin Workshop took place in Sarajevo. Participants of representatives of the Ministry of Defence BiH, Armed Force BiH (AFBiH), HALO Trust and NATO HQ Sarajevo where present.

EUFOR Ammunition and Weapons Workshop

This Workshop was one out of a series of Workshops in support of the BiH AWE activities. The particular objective of the Workshop held was the labelling of Ammunition and SALW boxes and crates of the existing stockpile for further storage and use by the AFBiH. This concrete project implemented by HALO Trust enables the AFBiH to enforce a proper recordkeeping system in order to possess a sustainable Ammunition and SALW Life-Circle- Management in line with international standards.