On the afternoon of 21 February EUFOR received a request from Mountain Rescue Novi Grad for assistance in their response to a mountain accident. A local civilian had fallen approximately 100m from the peak of Vito in the Bjelašnica mountain range. The civilian had sustained injuries to his head and lower limbs. Commander EUFOR, Major General Alexander Platzer authorised the deployment of the EUFOR Search and Rescue Alouette Helicopter

At approximately 1600hrs a EUFOR Air medical evacuation helicopter team deployed from Camp Butmir to the scene of the accident. The patient was extracted from the scene of the accident and was flown to Koševo Stadium for transit by road to nearby Koševo Hospital Sarajevo, where he was admitted for necessary treatment.

EUFOR have previously assisted Mountain Rescue teams in similar rescue situations, and have completed cooperative training together on a number of occasions. EUFOR Search and Rescue helicopters regularly conduct internal training for rescue scenarios and only two weeks ago rehearsed the extraction of a number of patients over a period of two days with the EUFOR Multi National Battalion.