A company of soldiers from EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion have been living with and training with their partners from the Armed Forces of BiH. The 5 day period of cooperation builds on relationships fostered during the annual EUFOR exercise involving soldiers from 20 nations. Joining up this time in the south of the country near Bileća, the two teams shared ideas to coordinate a complex serial in challenging conditions.

EUFOR Multinational Battalion trains with Armed Forces of BiH

The Platoon Commander of 2nd Battalion, 4th AFBIH Brigade, First Lieutenant Srđan Remetić said; "The exercise scenarios were urban type operations, so entering and securing an isolated compound. There is always something new to learn from the Austrian unit and the way they deal with a particular situation.”

The learning process is always a two-way process with combined operations with the EUFOR troops appreciating the opportunity to share experiences. First Lieutenant Tim Möller, the Platoon Commander of A-Coy, EUFOR MNBN shared the observations of his AFBiH comrades and said;

"Training together is essential and we demonstrated that by working on an objective in an urban area with a mixed EUFOR and AFBiH team. The cooperation was great, the soldiers were really motivated, even though the weather conditions were not perfect but they did very, very well.”

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