The action from EUFORs Exercise Quick Response 2020 continues at pace on day 2 with an attempted raid on a weapon storage facility near Ustikolina. Armed rioters with automatic weapons and hand thrown explosive devices demand entry. Undeterred by the aggression, the EUFOR soldiers from Hungary quickly neutralized the threat and arrested all the protesters.

The UK company also faced an escalating threat at a weapons and ammunition storage site in the south of the country. The fictional aggression involved the rapid deployment of the Quick Reaction Force to secure and reinforce the facility. Subsequent challenges included negotiation, rendering safe an improvised explosive device and clearing a party of demonstrators.

Further north in Tuzla Dubrave military barracks and the adjacent Tuzla Airport are the center of attention for the Austrian soldiers. An aggressor tried to force entry into the Armed Forces BiH facility with a prepared truck. Once overpowered, an AFBiH Explosive Ordnance Team examined the vehicle for explosives. A simulated car bomb then causes a casualty which requires a medical evacuation. Change of scene to Tuzla International Airport - securing critical infrastructure: EUFOR was requested to reinforce the outer perimeter security and to assist with an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team to neutralize suspicious luggage.

Exercise Quick Response 2020, Day Two Highlights

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