From 25-29 November 2019, EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion conducted their quarterly Command Post Exercise at Camp Butmir.

Exercising the Chain of Command

The Command Post Exercise is a training serial involving EUFOR HQ command elements and the Multinational Battalion force elements. It is designed to test operational coordination, procedures and communication channels using different types of reporting systems.

Major Gyula Dede said:

“I was satisfied with the performance of both the HQ staff and the Multinational Battalion. All who took part demonstrated a good knowledge of the procedures and they worked well together. The exercise allowed everybody to gain valuable experience.”

EUFOR conducts regular training exercises covering a variety of scenarios, using a wide range of equipment. This helps to ensure that EUFOR is ready to react to any situation that it may face in order to maintain the safe and secure environment.

Exercising the Chain of Command