Members of the Turkish Company of EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion conducted essential training on tactical satellite communications equipment at Camp Butmir on 27 Nov 19.

EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion conducts communications training

Training was carried out on the state of the art communications equipment used by EUFOR and included general application of the equipment, battery exchange and the use of different antennas. Sergeant Ruby Thomas said:

“The TACSAT training was a very productive and enjoyable experience. The training was well delivered and successfully put into practice. Regular repetition of this training helps to enable safe handling of the device.”

As a great example of the holistic approach to training taken by the Multinational Battalion, this training was delivered by Austrian soldiers who are bilingual and able to speak Turkish. The ability to deliver training to a group of soldiers in their native language aides greatly in the level of understanding achieved during training serials, helping to increases overall operational effectiveness.

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