EUFOR Operation Althea and the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina organized a workshop for Armed Forces BiH (AFBiH) experts in a Technical Workshop for Repair and Destruction of Ammunition (TROM Doboj) from 20 to 22 August 2019 in Doboj.

EUFOR and OSCE workshop at ammunition testing laboratory Doboj

Main topic of the Workshop was how to monitor, survey, review, reassess and, if necessary, revise the chemical and administrative processes for analyzing samples of ammunition in order to categorize it as either unstable, stable for 2 years, or stable for 4 years – and thus contribute to the surveillance, maintenance and management of the ammunition and explosive life-cycle within the AFBiH.

First Lieutenant Namir Halilović, Head of Section for Examining Propellant Ammunition Fuels in TROM Doboj Laboratory of AFBiH stated that cooperation with Swiss EUFOR team of chemical experts in powder stability management started successfully last year and that the Workshop was another step forward in extending knowledge and experience to increase the safety of ammunition, ammunition storage sites and ultimately citizens of BiH.

“A further topic is the creation of an overall 2020 plan based on the EUFOR experts’ advice on possibilities to implement findings and conclusions as a consequence of shortcomings previously identified during the workshop,” said Colonel Martin Trachsler, Special Ammunition and Weapons Advisor to Commander EUFOR. He emphasized that this was an important step to finalize the implementation of a sustainable ammunition life cycle management system in to the AFBiH. It will have a direct positive impact to a safe and secure environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colonel Trachsler concluded.

EUFOR has got a leading role in the coordination of BiH’s and the International Community’s efforts to reduce the amount of dangerous surplus ammunition, weapons and explosives (AWE) and establish a sustainable life cycle management. The OSCE mission in BiH provides assistance in ensuring the sustainability of the Ammunition Testing Laboratory through training and equipment.

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