On Monday 5 August, EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion, Turkish Company, sent out a 2 vehicle, 8 man patrol under the command of 1st Lieutenant Ali Karabas. Covering a total distance of 310km in one day, the patrol’s main aim was to link up with the troops stationed in the LOT house at Zavidovici.

EUFOR Multinational Battalion patrol aid motorcyclist

Whilst in Zavidovici the patrol witnessed a minor road traffic accident involving a motorcycle and a car. 1st Lieutenant Karabas quickly got his troops to direct the traffic around the scene of the accident safely, while he checked if the motorcycle rider required first aid.

1st Lieutenant Karabas said,

“Fortunately there were no serious injuries in this incident, but if there had of been, we’ve all been trained in first aid.” He added; “I’m pleased that the rider said he was OK, so after I helped pick up his bike and possessions we continued with our patrol.”

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