Monday 3rd September saw the opening ceremony of Exercise Quick Response 2018. COMEUFOR was joined by the BiH Minister for Defence Mrs Marina Pendeš and Minister for Transport and Communication Mr Ismir Jusko as well as distinguished guests from the Armed Forces of BiH, Law Enforcement Agencies and Defence Attaches from a number of Embassies in Sarajevo.

COMEUFOR and Ministers Pendeš and Jusko

COMEUFOR and Ministers Pendeš and Jusko

COMEUFOR praised the soldiers efforts so far and reminded the guests how this is a truly international effort.

"I want to especially welcome the units on parade which are not normally part of EUFOR - LEA, AFBiH, Charlie Coy 3 Parachute Regiment from the United Kingdom and NATO’s Force Tactical Reserve from Kosovo along with troops from the 25th Inf Bn of Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and Hungary who joined us specifically for this exercise."

Minister Pendeš spoke of her hope for a successful and integrated exercise when she said:

"I expect that the mutual co-operation between police agencies in BiH, institutions of defence and the Armed Forces of BiH will result in an overview of the capabilities of defence and security institutions in order to be able to jointly respond to the current security challenges together with the colleagues and partners from EUFOR."

Major General Dorfer finished by wishing the soldiers good luck for the exercise and to remind them to most of all respect the citizens of BiH and their environment.

"I wish all exercise participants a successful and safe exercise under the common motto 'One Mission-One Team'”

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Opening of the ceremony