This weekend saw the arrival of the new Austrian Company to Camp Butmir. The company travelled from the Khevenhüller barracks in Klagenfurt, Carinthia after a long road trip lasting 12 hours. Most of the soldiers are from the 25th (airborne) infantry battalion, but some are from other units across Austria. The 25th infantry battalion is the only one within the Austrian Armed Forces which is specialized in air movement particularly by helicopter.  Additionally the soldiers of this battalion are trained as paratroopers.

EUFOR COS addresses the Austrian Company

EUFOR COS addresses the Austrian Company

They will take part in Exercise Quick Response 2018 as part the Multinational Battalion. This annual international exercise involves EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion, the elements of the reserve Forces from Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom. It includes also the NATO Kosovo Force Tactical Reserve Battalion.

The company were met at Camp Butmir by the EUFOR Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Gabor Horvath who welcomed them to the mission and briefed them about the upcoming exercise. Around 20 of the soldiers have been deployed to BiH at least one time before and they will be deployed for 6 months until February 2019.

Their Company Commander said

“We are looking forward to accomplishing all of our tasks in a close and straightforward cooperation with all the units and commands stationed in Camp Butmir and to return home safe and without incidents.”

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