On Friday 17th August Major General Martin Dorfer paid a visit to the EUFOR Fire Department to see for himself how they train to deal with any emergency presented to them in Camp Butmir.

Initial actions before entry

Initial actions before entry

The Fire Chief, Mr Paul Hulme, introduced the General to his team before instructing how to wear the full personal protective equipment when dealing with a fire.

On what was already a warm day, COMEUFOR was then taken to the fire training area of the camp and fitted with the full breathing apparatus before joining the fire crew in a training exercise to rescue an injured person and extinguish a fire.

In complete darkness, General Dorfer joined the fire crew in the smoke filled compartment that was showing temperatures of over 300 degrees to experience what it feels like in such harsh conditions.


After successfully completing the training COMEUFOR expressed what a difficult job the fire crews would face when this happens for real and also praised the professionalism and dedication of the Fire Chief and his staff.

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