On Wednesday 15th August COMEUFOR, Major General Martin Dorfer visited the Mayor of Sarajevo, Mr Abdulah Skaka at the impressive setting of the Sarajevo City Hall.

Exchange of gifts with Mayor Skaka

Exchange of gifts with Mayor Skaka

After an exchange of gifts and official photographs a number of topics were discussed including Mayor Skaka expessing how proud he was of Sarajevo’s growing reputation as a tourist destination and how busy the Sarajevo International airport has become.

Mayor Skaka also talked about a number of projects the city is involved in which included The Olympic Youth games which will take place in the city in 2019. General Dorfer expressed his wish to help the city with a number of the projects and in particular with the Youth Games.

COMEUFOR thanked the Mayor for the information before talking about the upcoming Exercise ‘Quick Response 2018’. General Dorfer assured the Mayor that the exercise would have limited impact on the day to day life of the people of Sarajevo but that they might see more military vehicles on the road than usual.

After meeting the Mayor, COMEUFOR was given a brief tour of the City Hall and given a brief on the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) information centre that is held within City Hall.

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