On 23 January 2015, the Capacity Building and Training (CBT) Bi-Monthly Divisional Meeting took place in CAMP BUTMIR. The aim of the meeting was to disseminate information within the Capacity Building and Training Division (CDTD) about the division’s responsibilities and also to review goals reached during the last two months, in addition to looking at future training activities.

EUFOR's Capacity Building and Training Division

All members of CDTD, including the Embedded Advisory Teams (EATs), attended the meeting, as well as a representative from NATO HQ Sarajevo. After the opening remarks by Col. Hakan Soner APLAK (Turkish Army), Deputy Chief of Staff CBT: areas of responsibility within CBTD, activities and the ‘Way Ahead’ were discussed and newcomers to the branch were introduced. this was followed by presentations by the different Branch Heads of the Division.
An important contribution to the meeting was made by the NATO HQ Sarajevo representative, who provided valuable and comprehensive information regarding the cooperation between NATO HQ Sarajevo and EUFOR.
The desired end state was reached in that all members of CBTD left with an overview and guidance on the division’s activities and current information about developments in EUFOR’s Capacity Building and Training Program.