The AF BiH/EUFOR Communication Information Systems (CIS) Conference took place in Camp Butmir on 28 January 2015. The conference was organised by EUFOR’s Capacity Building and Training (CB&T) Division and chaired by the Training Chief Lieutenant Colonel Robert Paul WETTERS.
The conference was attended by representatives from the AF BiH’s Joint Staff, Operational Command, Tactical Support Brigade and Signal Battalion. It was also attended by participants from EUFOR and NATO.

2nd AFBiH/EUFOR CIS Conference

In his opening speech, Colonel Hakan Soner APLAK, Deputy Chief of Staff CB&T, emphasised the aims of the conference which were:
• To make an overall assessment of the CIS training given under the supervision of EUFOR CB&TD,
• To discuss and identify measures to make the CIS training more effective.
• To assess and discuss the contributions of CIS training in the establishment of the AF BIH CIS Systems and NATO partnership process.
During the conference it was agreed that EUFOR’s CIS training should be continued and all participants agreed on actions that needed to be taken in order to develop and improve this training: this included the introduction of more ‘hands-on’ based training focusing on the maintenance of equipment and adhering to NATO standards.
At the end of the conference, the AF BIH participants expressed their thanks to EUFOR for its support to the AF BiH. The chairman emphasised the importance of regular interaction between AF BiH and EUFOR and expressed his appreciation for the attendance and the excellent contribution of the many highly motivated AF BiH participants to this the 2nd AF BiH/EUFOR CIS Conference.