A five day Mine Risk Education Accreditation course was held at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo between 23 – 27 February 2015. 33 participants attended from EUFOR’s Liaison Observation teams, the Armed Forces of BiH (AFBiH) and Non-Government Organisations (NGO).
The objective of the course was to train instructors to deliver Mine Risk Education (MRE) to the population of BiH, in particular children, young people and hunters. The course was delivered by HQ EUFOR, Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Centre (BHMAC) and NGO “Stop mines” personnel.

Mine Risk Education Accreditation course

Training Program

Topics covered on the course were the current mine situation, countermine actions, the basics of cartography and data collection. Students instructional qualities were assessed as all the students at some point during the week had to prepare and deliver a MRE topic to the rest of the course.
“The aim of EUFOR is to educate as many people as possible, so that all of these future instructors help their communities at risk to learn how to live and behave with the threat of mines and UXO. According to the BiHMAC statistics, EUFOR has educated the highest percentage of people within a year”, said Džejna Skopljak from EUFOR’s Mine Information Coordination Cell. For Elvir Musić from the AFBiH, this was the first time participating in a course organised by EUFOR and BHMAC.
“We are all aware that the danger from mines is still very real in BiH, and that all national structures must be involved to deal with the landmines problem. The EUFOR Capacity Building and Training programme helps the AFBiH members to develop the skills and capabilities in a number of areas including the mine risk education activities. This course means a lot to me, and am glad that I will be able to transfer the knowledge onto my military colleagues, but also to educate the younger population in the schools all over BiH“, said Elvir.

EUFOR continues its support

During the first 2 months of 2015 personnel from EUFOR Liaison Observation teams have visited over 50 schools around BiH.
BiH still has one of the most severe land mine problems in the world. This affects the economy and development of the country in many ways but especially with tourism. EUFOR is often seen as being responsible for the mine clearance in this country, however it is not. The responsibility lies with the BiH authorities.