Runolist – The first ever Ski Mountaineering Competition in Bosnia Herzegovina

Skimo Competition

The Armed Forces of BiH, the Mountain Rescue Team GSSUBIH, EUFOR and ZOI'84 organized Bosnia Herzegovina’s first ever ski-mountaineering competition in the ski resort of Bjelašnica.
The event took place on 3 February 2023.
The organizing committee welcomed 60 national and international athletes. The athletes had to conquer the “Tehnički Put“: consisting of a 4.61 km run at 590 meters altitude from BABIN DO to MEĐUSTANICA.
Tomaž Žemva reached the goal at MEĐUSTANICA in 43 minutes and 50 seconds. Nobody was injured, a great success for the involved security staff.
Ski mountaineering is a modern sport which combines sustainable skiing and cross country adventures. Athletes use climbing skins to reach mountain peaks with special skis and bindings.

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Runolist Track