Multinational Battalion patrol links up with Liaison Observation Team in Višegrad

The visit of COMMNBN was timed to coincide with the arrival of a patrol of the Hungarian Company of the MNBN. The MNBN regularly conduct patrols throughout BiH providing a visible presence in the community, assessing the condition of transportation links and coordinating with the LOTs.

The Commander of the LOT house gave everyone very warm welcome and gave a situation update, covering topics such as the main supply routes, relationship with the local community and the current migrant situation were discussed. COMMNBN was grateful for the opportunity to gain a more in depth insight to the Višegrad area from the people on the ground.

“It is always important for a commander to get an overview so that a holistic impression of the situation can be assessed, in order to make the best possible decisions”, said Lieutenant Colonel Leitner.

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