COM EUFOR Major General Reinhard Trischak made the journey to Ante Bruno Bušić Barracks Livno today to present a donation cheque raised from a gala dinner.

A company of soldiers from EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion have been living with and training with their partners from the Armed Forces of BiH. The 5 day period of cooperation builds on relationships fostered during the annual EUFOR exercise involving soldiers from 20 nations. Joining up this time in the south of the country near Bileća, the two teams shared ideas to coordinate a complex serial in challenging conditions.

Sarajevo International Airport sees the arrival of a Royal Airforce C-17 Globemaster. The long-range strategic transport aircraft used by the UK’s RAF for worldwide combat, peacekeeping or humanitarian missions picks up equipment used during EUFOR’s Exercise Quick Response.

Soldiers from Austria, Hungary and Turkey are joined by the Armed Forces of BiH to witness the destruction of some old ammunition at a remote site near Glamoč, 130km west of Sarajevo.

Sarajevo International Airport is once again visited by giant transport aircraft. On this occasion, they arrive to return the last troops and vehicles that were deployed on EUFOR’s Exercise Quick Response 2020.

The Senior National Representative from Turkey, working at EUFOR Head Quarters, Colonel Selim Gökçegöz, has been busy traveling around BiH schools.
Funding donated by Turkey has been used to renovate and improve the learning experience for elementary schools particularly in the area of computer systems.

On Thursday 24th of September the Austrian Company from the EUFOR Multinational Battalion (MNBN) conducted helicopter boarding training, exercising their ability to quickly move personnel to areas around Bosnia and Herzegovina.