On the 6 February 2015 personnel from 11 of the 22 troop contributing nations to EUFOR were presented with their European Union Common Security and Defence Policy Service Medal Operation Althea by COM EUFOR Major General Johann Luif.

Eleven Nations Represented at EUFOR Medal Parade

Contribution to the Mission

In his speech, Major General Johann Luif stressed the importance of the Medal Parade in that it formally and publically acknowledged the contribution made by everyone on the parade to the success of EUFOR.

Capacity, Building and Training

COM EUFOR also noted the large number on parade with 190 personnel receiving medals. Eleven of the Troop Contributing Nations were present: Albania, Austria, Chile, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom. He highlighted that EUFOR remains focused on building the capabilities of the Armed Forces of BiH through the Capacity Building and Training programme and that EUFOR was fortunate to enjoy the support of all the countries represented.

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