EUFOR can confirm that the UN Security Council has unanimously approved the extension of EUFOR’s mandate for an additional 12 months (UNSCR S/RES/2604(2021). This means that EUFOR will continue to support the local authorities in maintaining a Safe and Secure Environment, in close cooperation with the Law Enforcement Agencies and the Armed Forces of BiH.

In renewing EUFOR’s mandate, the International Community has also sent a clear message of support and trust, recognising Operation Althea’s achievements over the past 17 years, notably EUFOR’s contribution to the maintenance of peace and stability in BiH.

EUFOR stands ready to continue conducting its duties and fulfilling all its tasks in support of a Safe and Secure Environment as per the mandate and with 100% commitment to BiH, its the citizens and the country’s path to EU integration.

This also includes support to the BiH Masterplan for Ammunition, Weapons and Explosives, Demining and Collective Training with the BiH Armed Forces, which as a multi-ethnic and capable Armed Force helps to restore the citizen’s trust in a stable and secure BiH.